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We wish you and your nearest and dearest the best for the year ahead.

We've re-opened the store this week after 2 & 1/2 weeks off, and what a shock to the system! The early morning wake ups for super early daily baking is going to take some getting used to again! 

After such a busy year (particularly towards the end there!) our hardworking team and ourselves certainly deserved the break. 

It was wonderful to catch up with friends and family in a relaxed environment instead of the usual rushed visits. The weather was so very kind to us this time round, and we took advantage of it with many trips to various beaches (jeeze we are super lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty in our country), as well as a few fun activities through the days. 

Pinterest recipes were trialled, trashy chick-lit novels were read, strawberries were picked & eaten, there was a lot of swimming, new eating establishments visited, tv programs were caught up with in late night marathon viewing sessions, christmas pressies were played with & worn, there was no concept of what day it was, the BBQ was fired up more times than not and we're looking a bit golden around the edges.

Here's a snippet of our adventures:

So, now that we're nice and relaxed and our brains are functioning a lot better, we have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline that we cant wait to share with you all. 

We cant thank you enough for your support throughout 2012. You've been fantastic cheerleaders and your enthusiasm for our cupcakes, new flavours & just general awesomeness continues to keep us going.


Cant believe we are heading into that time of year already! Where has the year gone?! 

We had been super busy leading up to Fiona's wedding where we were both bridesmaids, so had quite a bit to help organise, let alone beautify ourselves leading up to the big day (what a drama to be a girl sometimes huh?, hair, nails, tanning, eyebrows etc etc) and then of course work on the specialised fondant flowers for her wedding cupcake tower and the time just flew by! 

Here's a wee peek:

Now its nearly xmas and the corporate orders are flowing in. Its lovely to think that people will be receiving a special sweet treat as thanks for all their hard work through the year. We've got our Range up on our site to order But here they are incase you missed them:

AND - we have the launch of another exciting Charity Cupcake of the Month.

We had such great success with Kimberley Crossmans cupcake that she designed. We are still doing the final tally, so will let you know how much was raised for the SPCA soon.

Cast your minds may remember the madness that ensued last time we had these special visitors? 

Well, they're at it again, but this time, they designed the Charity Cupcake of the Month for December, and its Starship :)  $3 from every Charity Cupcake sold this month goes to them. Woo hoo!!! 

Its a super cute Rudolph - and homage to their Megan who only found out Reindeer were an actual species this year :) 

This version is Vanilla with Chocolate buttercream fur, and his face is entirely edible! Pretzel Ears, Jafa nose, Cereal Ears...much more tasty than actual deer we're sure! 

They're available instore each day for sale, and you can also order online here

We'll look forward to seeing you instore to stock up on treats, whist supporting an amazing charity at the same time! 

Enjoy the silly season! 

Catch you soon


We are super excited to introduce a new and exciting cupcake to our range each month...and its for charity! 
Each month we will be working closely with people in our community that we admire, and will be getting them to help design a 'Charity Cupcake of the Month'. 
That cupcake will then be sold on our website, and in our store each day, and $3 from each of those cupcakes will go to a charity selected by our partnered person. 
We've been wanting to introduce this for some time, and are excited to have launched it with the help of the lovely Kimberley Crossman 
Kimberley is about to be very busy promoting her neat new book Love YOU so we were chuffed that she fit in time to help us design her special cupcake 

Love YOU Cupcake, by Kimberley Crossman
A rich double chocolate cupcake, filled with gooey marshmellow, topped with fluffy Raspberry Buttercream frosting.

Here's what she had to say about the process: 
"I wanted to work with the SPCA because I'm such a supporter for all they do with helping animals and their adoption program, helping find good homes for animals in need of some love.
As a long running supporter of the SPCA I wanted to find a way to not only support them myself, but also encourage others to donate, and what better way to do it, than having a delicious treat made by cupcake experts at Delish Cupcakes."

Cant wait for you to all enjoy it, and for our furry friends at the SPCA to benefit from our sweet treats.

Dont forget, you can order it through our website or in our store daily for the month of November. 

We're excited to be part of Pink for a Day again this year for part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Last year when we participated, it was a great success with peeps flocking to get their hands on Pink goodies for their own celebrations. We had pink cupcakes...of course, pink popcorn, coconut ice, macarons - and this year, we're raising the bar and adding more pink sweet treats to the mix.

Can't wait! 

See you instore this Friday...and make sure you wear pink! 

x was amazeballs. There is nothing worse than hearing others bragging about their adventures when you've been stuck at work, or home so we wont bore you with every detail, (you can check our instagram account for that! haha) but will share a few snippets with you.

We obviously have a super soft spot for Melbourne, having both lived there years ago, so it was great to be able to head back for a long weekend and stop by our favourite spots, favourite markets, indulge in our favourite foods, explore the laneways, see our favourite peeps and OF COURSE check out all the cupcake shops that have popped up. Market research is certainly tough work sometimes! hehe.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to get to all of them, but that's probably just as well, as all the taste testing was starting to take its toll! We were too full and sugared out to sample one of the famous hot chocolates at the Lindt shop! Tragic huh?!

It was awesome seeing what the cupcakeries had on offer. Different frosting styles, popular flavours, display, packaging, their shop locations and fit outs. Despite what some people think, cupcakes certainly aren't going anywhere, their versatility and appeal are long lasting, their ever increasing popularity confirm that. Even in the heart of Melbourne where there are serious foodies and tempting sweet treats all around. Cupcakes are still so many peoples 'go to' sweet treat.

And Macarons...dont get us started. A real variety of flavours, and we were blown away by these ones that were completely 'pimped' - we were also too full by that stage to tackle them, but aren't they just beautiful!?

A HUGE thanks for our amazing team who held the fort for us while we were gone. We know it was a busy one with Fathers Day, but it was so amazing knowing we had left the shop in such capable hands. Now that we've had a taste of it...we might have to do it more often...hehe...we left WAY too much behind at the markets and our beloved Ikea...

If any of you have any favourite Cupcake shops in Melbourne that we need to check out next time round, let us know. We're already planning our next adventure :)


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